European flights


CRISALION Mobility has tested its vehicles in various European cities in order to assess its aerial technology. Although the future INTEGRITY aircraft is still under development, there is a technology demonstrator, which has proven the effectiveness of FlyFree technology, capable of controlling the aircraft’s movements in all directions for exceptional stability, safety and agility in flight.

The test flights took place in Lugo, Toulouse and Jaén. In Jaén, testing took place at the ATLAS experimental flight centre in Villacarrillo, where unmanned aviation technologies and systems and light and tactical remotely piloted systems are tested.

These flights allow CRISALION Mobility and TECNALIA, its technology partner, to conduct new tests on our eVTOL prototype, paving the way for the future integration of the airtaxi into urban airspace.

This is an important milestone in the process of introducing these aircraft into urban airspace, as defined in the European USPACE4UAM project, which aims to test and demonstrate effective urban air traffic management with unmanned aircraft. At the test, the INTEGRITY Concept was flanked by other unmanned aircraft of different levels so as to demonstrate that this new type of traffic can be safely and seamlessly integrated into urban areas in the near future. The companies taking part in the USPACE4UAM project include HONEYWELL, the project leader, Vertical Aerospace, CATEC and ENAIRE.

Prior to the Jaén test, in September 2022 the Concept flew in Toulouse, as part of a TindAIR consortium initiative. The TindAIR consortium conducts large-scale urban air mobility test flights to test and demonstrate effective air traffic management using unmanned aircraft in urban environments.

The most recent flight took place in Lugo, at the facilities of the Rozas Airborne Research Centre (CIAR) in Castro de Rei, and was managed using AIRUS, one of the most sophisticated drone traffic management systems for European cities, developed in Galicia by the ITG technology centre and NTT DATA.

These flights are part of the AMU-LED demonstrations, a European H2020 project that seeks to safely integrate drones in urban environments, and are being coordinated by ITG in Spain in what was one of the largest and most advanced concentrations of aerial drone traffic in Europe, comprising manned and unmanned aircraft performing more than 30 operations, both real and simulated.

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