We are a group of enthusiastic people, led by a passionate, multidisciplinary team, which believes that urban mobility is going to experience an in-depth transformation. Climate change and the concentration of the population in metropolitan areas are making us rethink how we will get around in upcoming years. We need other, more advanced, efficient and intelligent ways to move around.

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Equipo Crisalion
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is essential for developing innovative solutions.

Trabajadora Crisalion Mobility

María Santos

Project Manager

Ever since I joined CRISALION as a Project Manager, I have had to face new challenges and improve myself every day, which without a doubt contributes to my professional growth.

In the Airworthiness Department we are in charge of supervising our engineers’ design of the aircraft, making sure it is in line with the requirements imposed by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

What else can we tell you? The most important thing: The work environment is exceptional! The team members not only work together, we are a united force. The dedication of the whole team and the constant innovations taking place in the mobility industry mean that I form a part of a revolutionary project.


Ana Mondragón

Senior Marketing Manager ​

CRISALION is an innovative and constantly evolving company. A team of great professionals and colleagues welcomed me from day one, and with them by my side, I have not stopped learning and taking on new challenges. It is a truly exciting and rewarding project. Our job in the Marketing and Communication department is to support other areas of the company, organising events, managing Social Media and much more. There is never a dull moment! Collaborative culture and the flexibility to implement creative strategies mean that every day we are taking a step forward in building a future of sustainable and impactful mobility.

Trabajador Crisalion Mobility

Guillermo Cuellas

Cabin Design Engineer

Almost two years ago I had the opportunity to join the CRISALION design team, and since then I have been able to work on truly exciting projects in an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds.

The fact that I can be part of different aspects of the project is adding to my development as a person and as a designer.

It’s very exciting to be part of a team that is redefining mobility!

Trabajador Crisalion Mobility

Joaquín Arribas

Quality and Internal Audit Director

Joining CRISALION has been a huge step in my professional career.

In the Quality, Internal Audit and Operational Safety Department we work to ensure the highest standards are met in the design, execution and control of every single one of the company’s processes.

Our day-to-day work is based on a culture of quality, continuous improvement and internal assurance, giving me a sense of pride in belonging to this wonderful team.

Trabajador Crisalion Mobility

David González

Production and Industrialization Director

Working at CRISALION and seeing this project grow is a personal and professional challenge.

In the Production and Industrialisation Department, we are a team that works tirelessly to bring projects to fruition.

The passion and commitment of all team members rubs off on each other and turns everyday challenges into new and exciting tasks to accomplish.

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