CRISALION Mobility’s presence at the Dubai Airshow yields strategic alliances with industry partners


CRISALION Mobility took part in the Dubai Airshow in November 2023, where our electric aircraft INTEGRITY débuted on the international stage and we signed an agreement with the Dubai company Valtrans Transportation.

CRISALION Mobility founder and CEO Carlos Poveda Rey said he was thrilled to be at the Dubai Airshow, underscoring that it was a chance to showcase INTEGRITY’s capabilities and its alignment with sustainability programmes in the region. CRISALION Mobility has completed the preliminary design of its INTEGRITY aircraft for use in passenger and goods transport in urban and inter-urban environments, with applications in urban air mobility, emergency medical services, goods transport and tourism.

In the context of the airshow, CRISALION Mobility was visited by the UAE Technology Minister, the Spanish Ambassador in Dubai and a delegation from Spain’s Defence Ministry and, it also signed an agreement with Skyrisk to start making headway in the development of insurance policies for aircrafts.

Furthermore, CRISALION Mobility took part in various talks and round tables involving Óscar Lara, COO; Manuel Heredia, Managing Director; María José Castro, People & Culture Director, and Carlos Poveda, CEO and founder of the company.

Equipo Crisalion en Dubai AirShow 2023

The Dubai Airshow is one of the foremost trade fairs in the Persian Gulf and being there has enabled the company to position itself and generate synergies and partnerships with various firms in the region.

The agreement with Valtrans makes the Emirati company the exclusive distributor for CRISALION. This will enable CRISALION Mobility to market its air mobility solutions, such as the INTEGRITY eVTOL, developed using FlyFree technology, a unique and patented stability solution that controls the aircraft’s movements in all directions.

VALTRANS will also be the exclusive distributor of CRISALION’s ground mobility solutions, including its Serenity vehicles, offering comprehensive fleet management services that combine teleoperation and dynamic convoy driving managed remotely from a control centre powered by its Intellydrive technology.

CRISALION Mobility is growing fast and has secured financing for a total of 15 million euros to date, with plans for a forthcoming round of funding in the first quarter of 2024, backed by the investment bank BlueBull.

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