Carlos Poveda presents the latest novelties from CRISALION at the Dubai Air Show


Carlos Poveda, Crisalion Mobility’s CEO, was the notable protagonist in a speech at the prestigious Dubai Airshow, where he captivated the audience when presenting the company’s latest innovations in the electric mobility sector. During his talk, Poveda enthusiastically shared Crisalion’s latest novelties.

Crisalion’s CEO underscored the importance of the Dubai Airshow as a global platform for exhibiting the most recent advances in the industry. In his presentation, he highlighted the crucial role played by INTEGRITY, Crisalion’s new eVTOL aircraft, as an emblematic example of innovation in the field of sustainable mobility.

Poveda stressed Crisalion’s dedication to sustainability and efficiency in all of the company’s mobility solutions. He noted the development of INTEGRITY, which is based on the patented FlyFree technology, composed of a total of 16 engines that operate independently. This array keeps the cabin 100% stable, given that movements and turning are controlled in every direction, thereby achieving greater precision and agility during take-off and landing and ensuring the best user experience.

During his speech, Poveda shared details about the various uses of INTEGRITY, including the transport of passengers and goods in urban and interurban areas, as well as its capacity to handle emergency medical situations and offer tourism services. He also highlighted the versatility and accessibility of INTEGRITY, meticulously designed to adapt to the needs of people with reduced mobility.

Crisalion’s CEO likewise emphasised the company’s commitment to excellence and continuing innovation. He underscored Crisalion’s rapid growth, as shown by its success in obtaining financing and the constant development of new technologies.

In brief, Carlos Poveda’s speech at the Dubai Airshow was an eloquent example of Crisalion’s leadership and vision in the field of electric mobility. With a focus on sustainability and technological excellence, Crisalion is on the path towards a cleaner and more efficient future in mobility.

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