Jr Control Avionics

Publicada el 09/07/2024
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CRISALION Mobility was created with the aim of becoming a world leader in advanced, efficient and sustainable mobility solutions. A pioneering company in the double commitment to new air and ground mobility solutions at the service of the planet and the needs of the consumer.

Making connectivity and mobility a new reality through the use of transport systems that have a positive impact on the environment and society. Deliver excellence with disruptive talent at our core.

Multimodal mobility solutions for operators to cover all missions: Passenger and Freight.

This hybrid position is based in Madrid with flexible remote and office working.


Technical role supporting the departement of fligh physics, mainly focused in the development and implementation of the control laws.

Principales Funciones

  • Design and implement control strategies for the eVTOL aircraft and optimize aircraft control and performance.
  • Develop/Design testing activities both in SITL (software-in-the-loop) and HITL (hardware-in-the-loop) and perform these tests
  • Provide technical support in test campaigns
  • Help in the software-hardware integration.


  • Electronics Engineer, Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, Aeronautical Engineer, Control Engineer
  • Nice to have knowledge in designing and building RC aircrafts. ; Nice to have experience in control engineering or control design. ; Demonstrable programming experience, e.g. through degree studies or projects.
  • Personal Attributes: A strong can-do attitude; Work as part of a team and individually with appropiate level of support; Self-starter, able to identify requirements independently, then make proposals for solutions.; Excellent problem-solving skills and analytical approach, with attention to detail.


Specific Knowledge

  • ‘Deseirable’
  • PX4/Ardupilot and MAVLINK
  • C/C++, Python and MATLAB
  • An understanding of Fligh Vehicle Dynamics
  • An understanding of Avionics Systems

Deseirable knowledge:

  • Comunication protocols (CAN, RS485, RS232)